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TKU Net-Stat is an on-line statistics computational web-interface developed by The Department of Statistics, TamKang University, Taipei, TAIWAN, Republic of China (NOT Communist China (PRC)).

The objective of Net-Stat is to integrate statistics computations and WWW, so that whereever you are, as long as you have internet access, you can always perform probability and statistics computations.

Net-Stat is in fact an interface software. We evaluated many free domain or GPL-licenced statistical softwares and hope to provide web functionality for those with batch-processing capability.

Net-Stat uses PHP web programming language and some Fortran programs as gateways to access back-end statistical softwares. The back-end softwares include, for example,

  • ranlib, dcdflin, |STAT, Linpack, StarPac
  • R package
  • Other Fortran programs from Stat-Lib or Net-Lib.
Most of the Net-Stat computations is based on the R package. But, Net-Stat can also be used as front-end for any statistical software with batch-processing capability, for example, lots of Fortran programs for statistics and SAS :)

Net-Stat now runs on Linux operating system on a double-CPU PII-333 machine. We are hoping to move Net-Stat to a faster machine as soon as possible.

Net-Stat is still on testing stage.


  • modules: To provide module API to extend the package easily.
  • portalbility: To run Net-Stat package on UNIX and Windows servers
  • documentation
  • open source

(Please forward questions about Net-Stat to Steve Chen)